Sunday, November 27, 2011

Summer Party

Decided to do another BBQ party this year and it was really fun!  Every time I do this (ha ha twice) I think oh my gosh this is so much work! but once the party starts that all melts away - I love seeing the kids happy and enjoying what there is to play with, I love watching people enjoy the food (since I stress and change the menu a million times) and I always realize what amazing friends we have and how much I love each one of them (aww tear)  Here are some of the highlights.

I wish I had captured one of the times Fresh fell trying to get up this slide - very entertaining!  I also love that he started the trend of adults going down the slide.

Once the party was over and most of the people had left I realized I hadn't been down the slide yet - oh no!  We had a fun little "after party"

I hope we can do this again next year and we missed all of you that couldn't make it!